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Photo by Meredith McKenzie
Photo by Meredith McKenzie

Keep horses on the trail in order to help reduce erosion. Off road horse activity destroys the natural habitat.

In and Outs
Use the main entrances in and out of public and private property to reduce erosion, maintain native vegetation and to maintain wildlife patterns.

Go for the Bridge
Use bridges whenever possible to go over streams rather than through them…or jump them.

Build trails on slopes using switch-backs to reduce erosion.

Rain: Stay in the Ring
Stay off trails during rain; riding on trails during wet weather puts deep grooves in trails, destroying them. Riding on grassy areas parallel to the trail during wet weather widens current trails and creates new trails, increasing erosion. If you have to be out of doors in wet weather on horseback, stay on the main trail.

Horse Trail Maps
Santa Monica Mountains Trails Council 818-222-4531
Equestrian Trails Incorporated 818-362-6819

After a Ride
After a trail ride, check your horses’ lower legs, hooves and shoes for New Zealand mud snails which pose an ongoing threat to our native fish populations. If you find any, place them in a bag inside the freezer or in the dryer to terminate this volatile invasive species.


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