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Girl with Hay, photo by Melina Sempill Watts
Girl with Hay, photo by Melina Sempill Watts

Dog, cat and human feces can contribute poor water quality in our creeks, streams, and the ocean; horse manure has not been proven to contribute bacteria – but it is a significant contributor to high nutrient counts in our local water bodies, potentially leading to algal blooms and low dissolved oxygen counts, potentially reducing our local native fish populations. Keeping horse manure out of our streams is critical to allowing us to maintain native fish populations.

  • At the stable, practice daily manure pick up.
  • Store and remove manure, preferably to a site that recycles greenwaste.
  • If you use manure on-site or share with other gardeners, practice safe composting — be sure to water and turn the piles. Be aware that stockpiled manure can self-combust! Fires from large manure piles have been reported to burn for weeks.
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