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Caring for Wildlife: Top 10

  1. Protect the health and longevity of wildlife by driving with care.

  2. Reduce or eliminate use of pesticides and rodenticides. Poisons can work their way up the food chain.

  3. Plant native plants for the bees, the birds and … everything else.

  4. Wait for baby birds to fledge before trimming trees and brush.

  5. Keep your dogs and cats out of the urban wilderness.

  6. Turn off outdoor lights at night. Animals need a dark sky for feeding and breeding.

  7. Don’t feed the birds. Human food can harm our feathered friends rather than help them.

  8. Do not release domestic pets, snakes, birds, or fish into the wild.

  9. Baby wild animals may or may not need rescuing. Sometimes it’s best to let it be.

  10. If you see poaching, call the California Department of Fish & Wildlife at 858-467-4201.
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