Conserving Water

Conserving Water: Top 10

1.  Kick your Lawn Habit: Use native and drought-tolerant plants instead of turf grass.

2.  Get Smart: Replace irrigation systems with smart controllers, efficient sprinkler heads, and drip lines.

3.  Lose Those Drips: Fix leaks indoors and outdoors.

4.  Load Up: Only run full dishwashers and clothes washers.

5.  Go Dirty for the Drought: Dusty cars show you care.

6.  Harvest the Rain: Reuse stormwater with rain barrels, cisterns, and rain gardens.

7.  Be twice as Nice: Reuse graywater from your laundry or shower.

8.  Rub a-dub-dub: All the kids share the tub, take a 5-minute shower, or skip a day.

9.  Cover up: Use a swimming pool cover to prevent evaporation.

10. Get Money for Nothing: Cash in on conservation rebates and save on bills.