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energy star certified
Energy Star certified office equipment saves energy

Energy conservation opportunities exist at every workplace. We can can make better choices about how we work and how we use the tools that we need such as computers, cars, mobile phones, and lights. Being thoughtful about when, why, and how we travel to meetings can save energy and reduce our carbon footprint.

  • Turn off lights and computers when not needed.
  • Turn outdoor lights off at night – it conserves energy and protects wildlife.
  • Rideshare, carpool, and telecommute.
  • Reduce business travel when possible.
  • Set meetings at one location on the same day to reduce driving.
  • Convince management to do an energy audit and follow the recommendations for cost savings.
  • Consider incentives for employees that rent or purchase homes locally.
  • Incentivize alternative transportation with stipends for bus rides, bicycle purchases, and walking shoes.
  • Provide or subsidize work-adjacent childcare opportunities.
  • Offer a flexible working schedule – a 9-hour day/80-hour pay period can close the office one day per period.
  • Consider appointing Fridays as work-at-home days.
  • Conserve water on landscaping. It takes a lot of energy to pump and treat water. Save water and save energy!
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