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Energy Savers:  Top 10

1. Conduct an energy audit for your home or business. Incentives of up to $4,500 per household are available through Energy Upgrade California.

2. Use natural light whenever possible and switch light bulbs to light emitting diodes (LED).

3. Install motion sensors and shielded, downward reflectors on outdoor lighting to save money, keep neighbors happy, see the stars, and minimize disruption to wildlife.

4. Low-pressure sodium (LPS) lamps work well outside.

5. Go Solar:  Consider installing a solar heater for your pool. Harness the energy of the sun!

6. Shut windows and lower curtains when not at home to reduce heat gain and heat loss.

7. Open windows for natural ventilation rather than using air conditioning.

8. Pre-Heating: Make sure you insulate, seal cracks, install weather-stripping and double-pane windows so that the heat can’t escape.

9. Unplug or turn off power strips and electronics when not in use…including the computer.

10. Put your computer on dark screen mode. Go a step further and make Blackle your search engine and web homepage.


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