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Natural Lighting
Photo by Emily Minton-Redfield, Jim Logan Architects

What is the simplest approach to energy conservation? Think back to the 19th century, or even look to modern day Santa Fe, New Mexico. Adobe structures keep folks warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Cross ventilation from open doors and windows will draw the cool ocean breeze through your home. Instead of turning on the heat, keep a blanket on the sofa and wrap it around someone you love. Candle light is hygge – Danish for cozy – and California-speak for energy efficient. There’s a certain serenity in reconnecting to the old ways of bringing comfort and light to where you live and work.

Natural Light

  • Open curtains and skylights prior to turning on a light.
  • Light candles. Flameless candles can be a safe alternative to mood lighting.
  • Keep lights off during the day as long as you can.


  • Open windows and doors for cross ventilation whenever possible.
  • Try raising your thermostat two degrees in combination with a ceiling fan.
  • Open windows rather than turning on air conditioning.
  • Leave curtains and windows shut when no one is home to keep indoors cool during hot summer days.
  • Step it more pleasant than inside? Open the window and bring in the cool.


  • Install double pane windows.
  • Insulate walls.
  • Wear warmer clothing. Get cozy wearing socks and sweaters indoors.
  • Step it more pleasant than inside? Open the window and bring in the warm.


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