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living-lightly-guide-santa-monica-mountains-wind-energy-In just one year, the electricity produced to power the average home in California creates the same amount of smog as an average car being driven from New York City to Los Angeles. This energy production also creates the same amount of carbon dioxide as driving a car 1/3 of the way around the world. We can reduce this use by choosing to use more environmentally friendly energy sources.

The State of California is committed to making a transition to photovoltaic solar energy that is affordable for homeowners and businesses. Find out about rebates through the California Solar Initiative.

Windmills are for more than wells. Wind power is a renewable energy source that can help us be less dependent on fossil fuels. If Denmark can do it, we can too.

Build structures that conserve through energy-efficient design. Install double paned windows. Insulate walls. Plant trees for shade.

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