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Janis Hatlestad, Better Earth Garden Design,
Photo by Janis Hatlestad, Better Earth Garden Design

In the Santa Monica Mountains, 70% of our precious imported water is used outdoors. In addition, 20% of the energy used in the State of California is for pumping drinking water from Northern to Southern California.

Lawns guzzle water! Shrink the size of your lawn or eliminate it and look at that space as canvas for a new landscape.

The trend toward more sustainable landscaping has provided a growing need for professionals to provide services. Multiple services are currently available from our regional partners.

photo courtesy of WBMWD
Photo courtesy of West Basin Municipal Water District

Keep Your Green
For a nominal fee, a biologist from the Resource Conservation District will visit your property to develop a landscape plan that conserves water, energy, the environment, and your hard-earned cash.

Green Gardens Group
The Green Gardens Group (G3) aims to create landscapes to save the soil, sequester carbon, secure the water supply, restore the watersheds, and employ a knowledgeable and motivated workforce. Find local landscape designers and architects committed to sustainable practices or take classes on sustainable gardening.

Bluffs Park garden Malibu, photo courtesy of WBMWD
Malibu Bluffs Park Ocean Friendly Garden, photo courtesy of West Basin Municipal Water District

Surfrider Foundation’s Ocean Friendly Garden Program
Ocean Friendly Gardens (OFGs) work to restore the health of the ocean by reducing pollutants from urban run-off, one garden at a time. In partnership with G3, West Basin Municipal Water District, Malibu, Ventura and others, Surfrider is creating OFGs to keep our water clean and to restore our ecosystems on land and at sea. Plant an OFG at your home or business, or join their team of volunteers working to transform other urban landscapes.


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