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Kyndal and Dad out for a hike, photo by Leslie Oliver, Kyndal's Klubhouse
Kyndal and Dad Out for a Hike, photo courtesy of Leslie Oliver, Kyndal’s Klubhouse

The Santa Monica Mountains provide a lifetime of outdoor exploration. The National Park Service distributes a wonderful hiking and outdoor educational guide every season called “Outdoors.” Remember that park rules and regulations are in place to ensure that public lands will always be available for our use. More importantly, they protect the streams, plants, and wildlife we come to enjoy.

California State Parks
Information about local and statewide parks for camping, hiking, weddings, and more.

Cheeseboro/Palo Camado Canyons
Hiking, equestrian and mountain bike trails.

Circle X Ranch
Camping, hiking, picnicking, guided walks.

Mountains Restoration Trust
Cold Creek Canyon/Valley Preserve – interpretive plant and bird walks, private tours; check out home base at Headwaters Quarter. Native plants nursery tours on request.

Paramount Ranch
Western town movie set, picnicking, equestrian and hiking trails; see silent movie screenings in the summer.

Rancho Sierra Vista/Satwiwa Native American Indian Natural Area
Hiking, equestrian and mountain bike trails, cultural center, guided hikes.

Solstice Canyon
Easy access hiking with strollers, year round stream, waterfalls, abandoned burnt down homes, hiking, picnicking.

UCLA Stunt Ranch Santa Monica Mountains Reserve
Environmental research and education.

Public Beaches
These agencies can provide information about beach hours, rules, activities, and facilities.

Private beaches
All beaches are public property up to the mean high tide line (from the ocean to the wet sand). Do not trespass on or under people’s property when walking the shoreline.





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