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Photo courtesy of University of California Santa Cruz

Areas of Special Biological Significance (ASBS) are protected coastal areas created to preserve local marine habitats by maintaining healthy water quality. There are 34 ASBS along the California coast and islands. In our own backyard, ASBS #24, is the largest mainland ASBS stretching 22 miles from Latigo Point in Malibu to Laguna Point in Ventura County. Regulations prohibit waste, including the pollutants that can be transported through water runoff, from entering the protected area through direct drains, storm drains, and natural streams and creeks. Residents and businesses must prevent runoff from leaving their properties and thereby help stop pollution from entering creeks and the ocean by way of the storm drains.

Agencies are doing their part to protect this area and comply with the Special Protections the State adopted for the area. Los Angeles County Department of Public Works uses a watershed management approach and promotes Hands On Workshops through the Watershed Wise Landscape program.

The City of Malibu is spreading the word about ASBS #24 along with a message to Keep It Clean, Malibu. The City’s completed stormwater projects include biofioltration systems on Wildlife Road, biofilters on Broad Beach Road, and a stormwater treatment system at Paradise Cove to capture random dry-weather flows and clean stormwater before it can reach the ocean.

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