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The Malibu coastline teems with life in the kelp forests, rocky reefs and sandy ocean floor. To sustain the vibrant marine communities statewide under the pressure of human activities, California maintains a network of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) along the California coast.

The State designated two MPAs in Malibu – Point Dume State Marine Reserve (SMR) and Point Dume State Marine Conservation Area (SMCA). The MPAs cover a continuous area from Paradise Cove to El Matador State Beach, but the area is split into the Point Dume SMR and the Point Dume SMCA at the westernmost tip of Point Dume near Zuma Creek. MPA regulations focus on extractive activities including fishing, collecting and kelp harvesting. All fishing and harvesting is prohibited in the Point Dume SMR, which is the most protective of MPA designations. The Point Dume SMCA allows limited recreational and commercial fishing, which is regulated by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Participate in the stewardship of our marine resources by respecting the rules of these special areas and educating your neighbors.

California's South Coast Marine Protected Areas - Santa Monica Bay

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