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Protecting Water Quality: Top 10

1.  Only rain in the drain. When in doubt, remember only rain belongs in the storm drain.

2.  Cover storm drains. Before starting an outdoor project, protect drains from pollution including water runoff.

3. Reduce or eliminate use of fertilizers and pesticides.

4. Take your car to a professional car wash. Or, wash your car on landscaped areas to keep runoff and pollutants from draining to the ocean.

5. Harvest rainwater: Install rain barrels or cisterns to save water for re-use.

6. Use a broom instead of the hose outdoors:  It saves 8-18 gallons of water per minute.

7. Take used motor oil, paint, and electronic waste to local household hazardous waste collection events.

8. Pick up your pets’ waste…including horses.

9. Compost green waste and manure. Learn how at one of the county’s free Smart Gardening workshops.

10. Contact your local city hall to report water runoff, sewage spills, or illegal dumping. You may also call 888-253-2652 (888-CLEAN-LA).

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