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living-lightly-guide-santa-monica-mountains-collage-shopping-recyclingPracticing the Living Lightly lifestyle and how you act as a consumer can create a ripple effect. Choosing drought-resistant native plants and composting will reduce water and energy use. Using appliances that are energy and water efficient will reduce air pollution and can reduce climate change. We can lessen our impact on the environment by making simple changes such as purchasing produce at farmers’ markets, buying locally, and considering the longevity of items before purchasing.

Think of recycling as stage two of shopping: recycling gives your things a new life. The charming Japanese organization expert Marie Kondo says, if something does not “spark joy,” you should set it free. This can mean sharing old clothes, books, toys, furniture with friends, donating to a charity, or making sure that items disposed of will be reused. For example, the City of Malibu participates in America Recycles Day by promoting the Waste to Waves program – expanded polystyrene (EPS) block foam packing foam is recycled into surfboards.

Shopping Mindfully: Top 10

Buying Green

All Your Stuff

Donating Food

Green Waste

Recycling 101: Intro to Bins

Trash Talking

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