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Farm truckSell it, give it away, or find some way to break it down to meaningful parts. Why? Landfills don’t last forever. New ones have to be constructed, thereby tying up more land for future use and impacting the environment.

Recycling reduces the amount of material put in landfills and can supplement the need for natural resources with recycled content. The costs to create new materials and products are enormous. In the past century, most products were used cradle to grave, or from creation to disposal.

Cradle to Cradle

The new usage concept is for products to be cradle to cradle, that is, a system that is efficient and essentially waste-free. Our stuff can be reincarnated into other products – plastic from a computer casing can be remade into a cup, and then into a park bench.

The success of the cradle to cradle model lies with consumers as we get rid of items no longer needed and consider future purchases; society must have an infrastructure in place to recycle plastics, metals, and paper; designers must create products that can easily be reconstructed into new items. The cradle to cradle model is also linked to other holistic re-use concepts such as the car-free movement, passive solar design, and permaculture in agriculture.

Recycle & Re-Use Clothes, Toys, Books, Furniture, Even Vehicles


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