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photo by Melina Watts
Photo by Melina Watts

Look for products with post-consumer recycled content, non-chlorine bleaching, and tree-free fibers such as wheat, denim, or hemp. The Responsible Purchasing Network provides resources to save money, reduce waste, and improve efficiency. Look for the Green Seal of Approval to find products and services that have been certified as environmentally responsible; this non-profit has helped businesses become greener since 1989.

Additional Resources

“Give Wheat a Chance” is a wheat-based paper produced by Step Forward Paper.

The Real Earth is committed to offering better choices and greener office supplies with over 4,300 recycled products.

Plan It Green Printing offers printed products including stickers and paper products.

Thoughtful shopping at major office supply stores, like Staples and Office Depot, is possible. Be sure to specify your buying criteria because only a few of the product lines are sustainable.

Want to cut off paper waste at the source? Businesses can block unwanted junk mail at Waste-Free Mail; consumers can do the same here.


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