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Shopping Mindfully: Top 10

  1. Organic is Better:  Buy pesticide-free fruits and vegetables while helping farms that use sustainable techniques stay in business

  2. Shop Local:  Support the community theater or a neighborhood restaurant; buy from independent book stores, mom and pop shops, Farmers Markets, and local artists

  3. Invest in Eco-Friendly Products:  Think about the ecological impacts of purchasing an EV vs SUV

  4. Green Your House:  Choose green building methods and re-use materials when remodeling, install energy-efficient lights and appliances

  5. Buy Rechargeable, Refillable, and Reusable:  Americans throw out 180,000 tons of batteries each year – break away from single-use products

  6. Source Your Clothes:  Explore natural fabrics, healthy dyes, and fair labor practices

  7. Use Non-Toxic Cleaners:  Find alternatives to chemical cleaning products and protect your health as well as the environment

  8. Explore Green Travel:  Try an eco-resort, volunteer holiday, a green tour company, sail-powered voyage, or even a “staycation” (be a tourist in your hometown)

  9. Share, Sell, Donate:  Extend the life of items by repairing or re-gifting, and then recycling

  10. Buy Only What You Need:  Curb impulse shopping and shop second-hand stores

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