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photo by Los Angeles County Department of Public Works
Photo courtesy of Los Angeles County Department of Public Works

Composting helps convert “browns” (leaves, wood chips, newspaper, straw) and “greens” (vegetable and fruit scraps, grass, garden waste) into useable fertilizer. It’s easy, reduces landfill waste, and provides a wonderful source of nutrients for your garden.

  • Re-purpose an old garbage can as a compost bin – make sure you drill holes for air circulation and drainage.
  • Add garden trimmings, vegetable scraps, egg shells, grass, coffee grounds and filters.
  • Leave out the meats, any proteins, fats, and cheeses.
  • Provide aeration and sunlight by mixing up the soil every two weeks.

Visit Los Angles County’s Smart Gardening website or call 888-253-2652 (888-CLEAN-LA) for information about free beginner and advanced workshops. Discounted compost bins are for sale after workshops.

Home composting materials are also available at many stores. While many folks just set up a composting heap, you might find that you have new wildlife neighbors. Your landlord or neighbors will appreciate your investment in a composting bin.

Horse Manure
Be sure to water and turn piles. When manure composts and decomposes, temperatures get so high that it not only kills parasites and weed seeds, but can catch fire.



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