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photo courtesy of City of Calabasas
Photo courtesy of City of Calabasas

What Not to Put in the Trash
Items such as paint, anti-freeze, motor oil, and automotive batteries are considered household hazardous waste (HHW). Electronics may contain lead, copper, and other heavy metals or toxic materials. Always properly dispose of hazardous products and electronic waste at a collection event near you.

Getting Rid of HHW and E-Waste

Free round-ups are available to help residents do the right thing. For the county event schedule, visit or call 888-253-2652 (888-CLEAN-LA). Find information about local city-sponsored round-ups in Agoura Hills, Calabasas (HHW or E-Waste), Malibu, or Thousand Oaks (HHW or E-Waste).

Safe Drug Drop-Off Program
Never dump medicines into the trash or down sinks and toilets – this has terrible water quality and fish habitat consequences. The sheriff department offers free and anonymous disposal of controlled substances, old medicines, and used sharps at locations throughout Los Angeles County.

Paint Care Program
If not disposed of properly, paint can impact water quality and air quality and can kill fish and other marine wildlife species. The Paint Care program makes it easy to find a drop-off location for unwanted paint. You can also drop off paint at local household hazardous waste round-ups – be aware that city events only accept latex or water-based paint.

Used Motor Oil
There are over 650 used oil recycling centers in Los Angeles County. To find the one nearest you, visit or call 888-253-2652 (888-CLEAN-LA), or contact your city hall.

photo courtesy of City of Calabasas



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