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Living Lightly: Top 10

 1.  Go Wild! Plant Native Plants:  Many species that grow naturally in our Mediterranean climate are drought-resistant.

2.  Save Water:  By conserving water on outdoor use, you can help save valuable drinking water for California residents.

3.  Reduce Your Waste and Recycle:  Don’t forget to re-use materials whenever possible.

4.  Keep Toxics Out of the Trash:  Find out what common household materials cannot go into your trash bins due to dangers to public health.

5.  Get Out of Your Car:  Ride a bike. Take a bus or train somewhere instead of driving. Join a carpool to shrink your carbon footprint.

6.  Turn It Off:  We spend most of our time at work during the week. Why not find ways to conserve energy for yourself and your boss?

7.  Grow Your Own:  Be more sustainable by creating an edible landscape.

8.  Scoop the Poop: Keep pets indoors or on a leash. Wildlife is sometimes harassed by domesticated animals and often sees them as prey.

9.  Go to the Car Wash:  Water runoff from washing your car can pick up pollutants on the street and travel directly to the ocean untreated.

10. Shop & Work Mindfully :  Buying “green” criteria can apply to everything from groceries to office supplies to that special dress.

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