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200802084Water is the lifeblood of an ecosystem. Creeks and streams are the arteries for every living thing in the mountains and ocean.

Thanks to the wonders of world class engineering, our water spans the State of California travelling from the Bay-Delta, Mono Lake, and the Colorado River. We are part of a living system that includes not only California but also Mexico since the Colorado River Delta empties into the Sea of Cortez. You can protect our watersheds by conserving water, improving water quality, and keeping water in streams for local biota.

Sources of Imported Water

Most residents in the Santa Monica Mountains receive water from either Las Virgenes Municipal Water District or Los Angeles County Waterworks District 29 (Malibu and Topanga).

Groundwater Legislation

A trio of bills signed by Governor Brown in September 2014 addressed the need to manage groundwater in the State of California.

“California will no longer be the only Western state that does not manage its groundwater,” Senator Pavley stated. “The cost of doing nothing is the biggest economic gamble. Thousands of homes and small farms cannot keep pace with the race to drill deeper and deeper wells. The bills take a balanced approach – they protect property rights and incentivize local control.”

Well Water

In rural areas, some properties utilize wells. Groundwater in the Santa Monica Mountains is limited so water conservation has become imperative in these communities.

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